They were founded in 1967 as Telford Plumbing and Drain Layers. This changed in the mid 1970’s when founder Paddy Telford acquired a Precast Concrete Pipe and Manhole Manufacturing Business. The Calcamite name originates from the two vital ingredients in precast manholes namely Calcareous materials and Dolomite stone. The Calcamite Concrete pipe sections were manufactured utilising a state of the art spinning process.

During this time a need was identified for a light weight inspection chamber and manhole system. Ever the pioneer Calcamite developed and patented the World’s first one Piece Poly Manhole which had the benching, riser and lid former all made in one single unit. This development lead to the acquisition of a Rotational Moulding machine which utilised a spinning process to make the plastic manholes. With the new machinery came new Ideas and with its roots in the Plumbing Industry, From this followed a range of On Site Sanitation Products which has led to Calcamite Making the unique claim that it is ‘… the only Company in the World that it knows of which can offer a full range of On Site Sanitation Solutions ranging from a Pit Latrine to a waste water Package Treatment Plant…”.

Hero Tanks is situated in Chamdor just outside Krugerdorp and they manufacture a wide range of rotationally moulded products for all sectors of industry.

One of the major products supplied is storage tanks ranging from 250 litre to 10 000 litre in which most are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. These are manufactured from virgin high grade, UV stabilized polyethylene and are suitable for the storage and transport of water and chemicals. Tanks are moulded in a variety of colours and all water tanks have a black lining to ensure zero light penetration to prevent algae growth.

A dry sanitation system that is affordable, sustainable, has longer life expectancy and is more cost effective over its lifetime compared to other systems - this is the Enviro Loo.

The Enviro Loo is a waterless, on-site, dry sanitation toilet system that functions without water or chemicals. It is designed for the benefit of all communities and can be installed almost anywhere. It is an effective-solution to the numerous sanitation challenges facing the world.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Enviro Loo first went into production in 1993. Invented by Dr Brian La Trobe, as a convenient, economical and safe (environmental and health) solution to the mounting worldwide pollution and water challenges.

As Africa’s leading supplier of both ROTATIONAL and INJECTION moulded plastic products KAYMAC STRUCTURAL FOAM Incorporating Kaymac Rotomoulders (KSF) can mould just about anything you dream up!

With 47 years in the industry we are pioneers and innovators in the design and manufacture of moulded plastics. Offering state-of-the-art facilities, highly-skilled engineers and cost-effective results, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions for the benefit of all.


They develop products from the seed of an idea, to the design and then direct into the moulds that they make.  Everything is completely streamlined and technologically based within this company.  Their products range from tanks to toilet systems, barriers and the very well known Hippo-Roller.  They also have a past in machine making and all machines on site have been made in house.

East Coast Moulders supply rotomoulded products for the following industries: food & beverage, forestry, medical, sport & leisure, transport, education, construction and agricultural.

JoJo Tanks has the SANS 1731:2017 National tank Standard  certification, proprietary technology, unrivalled expertise and technical know-how. This, combined with years of industry experience, makes them one of the forerunners in providing application-specific and general storage tanks.

The high UV and corrosion resistance of their polyethylene products ensures they withstand the harsh African climates, while any algae growth is inhibited by the black food safety accredited lining material used.

Their vision and belief has been the driving force behind our plastic manufacturing company since 1982 and is evident in every product produced. By continuously investing in research and development they design and manufacture plastic products for personal, commercial and industrial use.

From drums and storage tanks to road barriers and truck accessories, Pioneer Plastics has a product that suits your needs. They are continuously growing their dedicated team and evolving their service and product offerings, including an in-house mould making facility

Sinvac Plastics is the most experienced plastic rotomoulder in South Africa! Sinvac Plastics have been the first rotomoulder to be established in South Africa in 1962 by the then Bonar Plastics. Their dedicated team of engineers, employees and BEE shareholders work together to give you a complete plastic solution, outstanding quality rotomoulded products, committed and reliable service. Their established track record has resulted in loyal customers becoming friends.


The factory and office are situated in Pretoria-West on the original Sinvac site that now host The Sinvac Group. The Sinvac Group includes Sinvac Piping for manufacture of HDPE Spiral pipe and SANS4427 accredited HDPE pressure pipe and Sinvac Mining & Engineering for HDPE piping projects, plastic fabrication and 24/7 maintenance crews to service mining contracts.

The original order book is still on display in our office! The humble start of 50 moulds have grown to an impressive 350 moulds and they are adding to the range with bespoke solutions.

Sinvac Plastics deliver large volume contracts and small orders with the same high standards to ensure that our impeccable quality, systems, services, methods, internal audits, quality control ultimately results in satisfied customers.

ACD RotoFlo is a privately owned company specialising in the 'Colour Compounding' and 'Pulverising' of Polyethylene Powders. Our main focus is on the supply of 'Quality' LLDPE Rotomoulding Powders in a variety of different colours subject to market demand.

ACD RotoFlo is a relatively young company having started up in early 2012 but its owner and staff have extensive experience and technical aptitude in the Rotomoulding Industry dating back to 1994.

ACD RotoFlo specialises in LLDPE Hexene based Rotomoulding Powder suitable for applications across the industry spectrum. ACD RotoFlo supplies throughout South Africa and its bordering countries. Specialised Powder Coating, adhesive powder, flexible powder and foaming grades are available. We also facilitate moulders with imports of other specialised Rotomoulding grades, additives and services.

ACD RotoFlo are the Southern African agents for MIGS® (Mold In Graphics Systems),

PSD RotoWorx (Polypropelyne for Rotational Moulding) and LaPlastecnica (Mould Vents)

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