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Rototour 2014 USA

This tour was a smaller group than usual due to a last minute location change from South America.  It was still just as enjoyable for the attendees though.  The tour kicked off in Los Angeles and then travelled on to Phoenix, Milwaukee and Chicago and ended at Rotoplas.


There were visits to Rotational Moulding Inc. Plasticraft Corporation, Meese Orbitron Dunne, Elkhart Plastics, Romotech, Minuteman International, Seljan Company, Powder King and Mold In Graphic Systems.


All tours are filled with the best dining experiences available and attendees on this tour had extra free time to explore.  The Harley Davidson Museum was a definate highlight as was staying in Chicago's number one most haunted hotel.  Time at Venice Beach to visit what you usually only see in movies and market food tours provided opportunities to enjoy local areas.


The tour ended at Rotoplas in Chicago.

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