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Rototour 2006
Germany, Italy & France

Rototour 2006 encompassed Germany, Italy & France and started with the ARMO Conference in Berlin.  After enjoying some of the local German fare during their stay in Berlin, the 30 attendees then flew to Italy and kicked off with a tour of Bergamo.


The next few days was when all of the factory tours started with the first being Rototech, then Sinterplast and Eurotank.  Attendees then flew on to Paris and spent the weekend touring the highlights and attractions of the city of lights.  From here the trou progressed to Versailles Palace and a spectacular dinner event.

The next factories toured were Kerpont, L'Oceane and then attendees headed to Orly to visit Rotoplas and enjoy time touring the Champagne Caves and Reims Cathdral.


The final day was a visit to the Rotoplast Factory and then a transfer back to Paris for a final group lunch in beautiful surroundings.

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