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ARMA first hosted Rototour in 1999 as a considered strategy to begin a conversation and information sharing between our members. Initially working locally in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, the programmes became international in 2002 with the first tour following the ARMO conference in Paris. In 2005 the strategy really became global with the tour hosting 137 delegates in China running up to ARMO Hong Kong, the first ARMO event held outside of Europe. 


Realising that professional factory tours were such a highlight for the industry, creating new opportunities and relationships, ARMA then proceeded to make them part of their event program and followed on with tours in Europe, USA, Germany & Poland, India, United Kingdom and recently returned again to China.


The ARMA Rototour is now a well known established brand in the international industry as being world class, well organised and value for money with Michelle playing the ultimate host and travel partner.

Fortlev, Brazil

Our team at Fortlev Brazil would like to thank you and your team for all the attention and care given to all of us during Rototour 2023. We know all the stress and responsibility that is associated with a production the size of Rototour, and we are also aware of the high level of commitment that you and your team exert. Therefore, we are very proud to have the opportunity to participate in this journey and we want to thank you for this beautiful and pleasurable work.

KSC Plast, Kazahkstan

Thank you very much for organizing ROTOTОUR. Everything was done at the highest level. The trip was very interesting and informative. On the trip, you took care of us and we had to stay level hotels was spotless, food was always on time and delicious. I still have a lot of impressions.I hope that this is not the last trip and we'll meet again.

Barron & Rawson, Australia

As a partner the trip was incredible from day one, Michelle had every aspect of the tour locked and loaded, with smooth precision. The tour guides engaged along the way were amazing they were knowledgeable, and the sights were unforgettable. The care for individual needs and attention to detail was paramount throughout the tour. The factory visits did not feel like work. They were professional. They were inclusive of a learning experience and an insight into development, design and doing this creatively for the future. Highly Recommended.

Daichii Electronics, Phillipines

The Rototour is truly a world class event. It has provided us the opportunity to meet with fellow Rotomoulders while enjoying  and learning the places and culture of Australia. The conference, on the other hand, has provided a greater level of understanding, comprehensive knowledge and additional skills, which in turn will assist in providing a better quality products to clients. This was truly a worthwhile experience.
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