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Rototour 2012 Poland

The tour through Germany and Poland had over 15 attendees from all parts of the world.  Starting in Hamburg, Germany attendees experienced authentic German hospitality and food.  The companies of Koever, Rota, Hako and Savo were each very different and worthwhile and we thank them for opening their doors to us.


From here we travelled through Poland to Poznan and enjoyed dinner in the longest established place in town, rumoured to have a Polish King dine there.  The next day we visited Kingspan, Haba and the University of Poznan.

The next day we drove towards Krakow and stopped in at Wroclaw for a city tour and then on to Auschwitz, one of the most amazing places to visit.  In Karakow we toured Orex Rotomoulding, Elplast and ERG System and then enjoyed dinner hundreds of metres below ground in the Salt Mine.  That was a world class experience.


The tour group flew to Lyon, France for the start of the ARMO Conference, enjoying a lovely french dinner on the final night that the group was together.

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