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Rototour 2008 USA

The USA tour had 15 attendees and kicked off in Chicago and travelled to Indiana, Ohio, New York and Wisconsin.


Factory Tours were held at Promens North America, Meese Orbitron Dunne, Ferry Industries, Reduction Engineering, Trilogy Plastics, Formed Plastics, Dutchland Plastics Corporation and Plasticraft Corporation.


Although the focus of high quality food and wine. Rototour is around business and factories attendees still get to experience local highlights and amazing dinners and on the USA tour they visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a New York tour and attended a Broadway Show.  Dinners were held in breweries, local and authentic restaurants, enjoying


The tour finished with the inclusion of the ARM Conference and Rotoplas Exhibition in Chicago.

CuyahogaFallsOhio 7
Chicago 52 MillenniumPark
Chicago 57 Bubble
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