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Rototour 2015 Great Britain

Rototour Great Britain was a huge success with 34 attendees from 7 different countries.  The tour started with an optional extra of Scotland where attendees visited the Scottish Highlands, drank whisky at the Glen Fiddich Distillery, dined exclusively in a Castle and experienced rotomoulding during a visit to the Balmoral Group.  Everyone then flew over to Belfast, Ireland to tour Kingpan, Clarehill Plastics and the very famous Queens University Belfast.  Then it was on to the main land of England starting in the home of The Beatles, Liverpool, with an enlightening look at Matrix Polymers and dinner in The Beatles Museum.  Even the hotel that night was Beatles themed.  After this it was time to experience some of the English country side visiting Polytank, JSC Rotational Moulding, Palm Equipment & Leafield Environmental.  We also visited Shakespeare’s House and the beautiful city of Bath.


The crew then headed back to Nottingham and joined by another 10 moulders for the day trip to Rototek, ICO Polymers and Imagenta.  And then a day of relaxation in Lincoln where we visited the Castle, the Cathedral and the Magna Carta before heading into one of the most interesting and memorable dinners on the tour.  Blue Cheese Ice-cream anyone?  All the fun of Rototour ended here as everyone put their business hats back on for the ARMO Conference in Nottingham!

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