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Salvador, the capital of Bahia, is a city that exudes natural beauty and embraces the vibrant culture of its African roots. Its lively streets are filled with the mesmerizing moves of Capoeira, a unique blend of martial arts and dance.


Its Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, takes visitors on a journey through the rich history of Colonial Brasil. Majestic churches like São Francisco and the Basilica of Senhor do Bonfim showcase the harmonious coexistence of Catholicism and African religions. The city’s 300 churches serve as a testament to its deep spiritual traditions. Read more on the Visit Brasil website.

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Christ the Redeemer

Rio De Janiero

Samba, sunshine and breathtaking scenery – Rio awaits you with its vibrant culture, natural beauty and unique hospitality.

The city is a great encounter between the human spirit and natural splendour. The vibrant and enchanting culture is framed by beautiful hilly landscapes and bucolic grandeur, a setting for those seeking adventure and sports.

A visit to Rio de Janeiro is sure to take you to heavenly beaches with translucent waters. The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are internationally renowned and are the city’s most famous landmarks.


In addition to the beaches, there is the enchanting nature of the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world, where the Corcovado Hill is located, where at a height of around 800 metres, Christ the Redeemer, one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World, welcomes all visitors with open arms.

Read more on the Visit Brasil website.


Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul State, is a multicultural metropolis that was colonized by immigrants of several European countries. This wonderful mixture gave rise to rich history and local culture with centuries-old traditions, including peculiar cuisine and curious clothing and accents that are very typical of the south of the country.

The sunsets over Porto Alegre are among the most beautiful in the country. Read more on the Visit Brasil website.

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Sao Paulo

São Paulo is a national reference in history, business, culture, and tourism. Due to internal migration from other states and immigration from several countries in its early days, São Paulo is the most cosmopolitan city in Brazil.

São Paulo, colloquially known as Sampa, is one of these cities that never sleep. There is always something going on. From plays and cultural exhibits to bars and restaurants that are open at all hours of the day and night, visitors have no problem finding something to do. The city, which has the same name as the state, has countless movie theaters, cultural centres, museums, historic buildings, parks, theaters, and art galleries. Read more on the Visit Brasil website.


There it is: the famous Chicago skyline set against the sweeping shore of Lake Michigan. You’ll quickly appreciate this urban-meets-natural beauty when your feet hit the ground in the nation’s third-largest city. In the heart of the Midwest, Chicago boasts soaring skyscrapers, 77 colourful neighborhoods, 42 kilometers of lakefront with 26 beaches and 580 parks and green spaces. Equally impressive are the dining options – 7,300 restaurants and more than 65 craft breweries – outstanding arts and culture, urban recreation along the waterfront, world-famous events and a vibrant LGBTQ+ scene. Read more at


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