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Welcome to Rototour

A once in a life time experience touring rotomoulding factories in Iceland, Norway, Finland & attending the ARMO Conference in Poland.


About Rototour

The Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia has been hosting Rototours for nearly 15 years. Our tours aren’t a holiday but we do know how to balance visiting factories, networking with other rotational moulders on the tour and seeing parts of the tour’s location so you get great value for money and real benefits to your business. 

We know that tour participants can make long and valuable friendships and working relationships. Not only with the companies that we visit but also with the other moulders on the tour.


Following past events, participants have swapped staff, worked on join projects and licensed their products, proving Rototour can add huge value to your own business.


Following the huge success of the Great Britain, USA, China, European, Australian & Africa Plant Tours, ARMA is currently negotiating with Rotational Moulding Companies in different cities in Norway, Finland, Iceland and Poland to allow a group of delegates to tour their plants. The tour will include the ARMO 2023 Conference in Poznan, Poland.

As well as the business aspect of the tour, delegates will have the chance to enjoy some incredible travel experiences in these parts of the world. One of the major benefits for delegates on the tour will be the chance to develop great relationships with the other participants, who you can keep contact with long after the tour has concluded.

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Poznań is a delightful city found in the west-central part of the country. As one of Poland’s oldest cities, there is plenty for tourists to discover here, from the ancient to the modern. The tour will end here for the ARMO 2023 Conference, which is included for tour attendees.

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